Regional Institute for the Economic Planning of Tuscany
A tool for the implementation of feasibility studies of public-investment projects
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IRPET-SdF is a Web application devised to offer the public manager a clear and user-friendly instrument for the pre-feasibility analysis of public investments. This tool allows to evaluate the viability of projects financed with different combinations of sources, from public funding to public-private partnership schemes. IRPET-SdF combines simplicity of use, methodological rigour and a high level of detail. The structure of the Web application provides for all the necessary steps to organize an accurate cost-benefit analysis, from the description of the investment’s qualitative and quantitative characteristics to the development of demand for infrastructure-related services, the financial analysis and, finally, the economic analysis through the appropriate fiscal and market corrections of financial flows. The analysis is partly performed drawing on IRPET’s well-established experience with multi-regional input-output models.

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